We are the leader in AVImark support

Veterinary clinics need to take advantage of every opportunity for efficiency as this, more than anything else, drives clinical profits. And operating efficiency is typically driven through human process improvements and leveraging the best software for your clinic. We can help guide you to and support the right software solution for your veterinary practice.

AVImark is the most popular practice management system for veterinarians for a reason. It is mature and provides for highly efficient clinical workflows. Some features of AVImark include: ·Appointment booking ·Patient records ·Prescription plans ·Inventory management, purchase order management ·Patient reminders ·Veterinary diagnostics and treatment management functionalities within one suite.

AVImark might be the right choice for your clinic. But you don’t have to decide alone. At CCW Technology we are not just the experts in AVImark but support many veterinary PIMS systems regularly and can help you navigate different software choices, deploy them correctly, and provide total support for the entire lifecycle of your software and your clinic!